Friends Hong Kong international school, if you live in the busy city, rush to the feet of the Red, may wish to look for Shangrao to find the secret of health care. Near the year, the tongue Shangrao delicious food fascinating, the saying goes, eating flavors, sensible. Know how to taste home cooking people, but also know how to taste their own life. Shangrao diet, it was raised to a Shangrao culture, but I think it is sometimes a mirror, according to Shangrao city connotation and temperament, according to their preferences preferences, but also according to Shangrao future evolution and many development of.

As we all know, Shangrao is located in northeastern Jiangxi, since ancient times known as the "superior fertility" of the land. Here the rich products, Ze has Po Rao of the Rao, the mountain of the foot of the forest, is rich and miscellaneous land of plenty, Jiangxi warehouse warehouse. Tracing the source, Rao help food from the Ming Dynasty, when the scale is very small, and more to operate mainly local snacks, good fried cook, emphasis on spicy. After the Beijing-Tianjin, Jiangsu and Zhejiang flavor incoming, and North-South blend, something through, greatly to meet the Shangrao's "tongue." Once a hit documentary "tongue on China", collecting all over the country's food, attracted numerous "eat goods" who coveted. Watching TV on the delicacy, the author can not help but broom from Jane once, when it comes to the main members of Jiangxi cuisine - Shangrao Rao help dishes, touch the tip of the tongue with the "Shangrao flavor." The dishes of Nanchang, Xunyang Cuisine and Ganzhou Cuisine together form the traditional Gan (Ganzhou) cuisine, which is the center of ancient Shinshu, Cuisine. The choice of materials widely fresh, pay attention to knife, making fine. Supplemented by the traditional "cooking, stewing, steaming, fried" cooking skills, due to "food" system, or fresh, or crispy, or fresh spicy, only for a food ingredients "authentic. Delicious came out, cooking for the first. Cooking is the art of the kitchen, the art of the chef, the art of cooking, and the art of living. How to dazzle the ingredients into a table cooking food, the test is the chef's skill, the chef's skill is the sublimation of food.

Shangrao, green mountains and rivers, the head is King; Huguangshanse, everywhere Linxian. Due to the vast territory of Shangrao, 12 counties and cities of different properties, their specialties are also different, chickens and ducks, seasonal vegetables, Shanzhen game, a wide variety, each with style. China's largest freshwater lake Poyang Lake fish and shrimp full basket, the mother river water quality Qinglie, drunk the United States Sanqingshan possession "Jane" satisfied "treasure", the rich produce Jiangnan Yumizhixiang Shangrao feeding provides "home" ingredients. Patrons to eat mountain, spring bamboo shoots in spring, winter bamboo shoots, it is natural Shangrao people the most selfless gift, there are two flavor ingredients can be cooked out of a wide range of delicious food; by water draft, Shangrao reservoir lake , Fish is very rich in resources, soft-shelled turtles, black carp, purse red carp can be tasty. In the rich Shangrao, the food is the culinary ingredients. Spring in March each year, the Poyang Lake over and over are green and green Artemisia annua, people particularly prefer to use fried bacon with Artemisia annua. Spring Shangrao County in rural areas, there is a wild mushroom called red mushroom, with its cooking soup, delicious, is a rare to share.

Shangruoshoushui, Heiner rivers. Shangrao is ancient and young, Shangrao is cheerful bright and calm implication. Friends, whether you walk in the beautiful countryside of Shangrao, or the skyscrapers of the city, mint everywhere. In the country, it grows in the front of the house, in the city, it grows in the window pots. Fried cucumber, fried cucumber, braised fish, picking a few slices of mint leaves into them, a touch of mint fragrance, and the combination of different flavor ingredients into the food temptation, no one can not resist. "Tongue of China" on the spices have a lot of introduction, look quite touched. A dish is good or bad, often depends on the condiment "skillfully deflected the question" function. Rao to help the food the most attention spices There are two things one is pepper, the second is mint. Spicy food is the common point of Jiangxi cuisine. The Shangrao mint on the unauthorized use, magical and clever use, the formation of the Rao to help the food unique "taste." Shangrao people in the cooking food, especially like to join this unique flavor.

Shangrao cuisine, inherited the Gan cuisine is the tradition of Rao help dishes, which originated in the ancient Xinzhou, and satisfied Shangrao, Wuyuan, Guangfeng, lead Hill, Yushan county delicacies. It is a fresh, crisp, fresh and spicy cooking technique with traditional techniques of "burning, stewing, steaming and frying". From the killing of pigs, playing Ma Ci, to do the social pie, prepare social food sacrifice to God Muay Thai, Shangrao rich folk life, from the beginning to the end of the year. Especially into the slack, people commemorate their ancestors with the sacrifice, with food reward themselves, together with their family this year's life, in the thick rural accent each other gifts, enjoyable, thick flavor filled in Shangrao City of the village. In addition to Rao main dishes, Shangrao's breakfast and snacks are also very delicate. Shangrao's breakfast, not only the southern rice, rice, and both bread, steamed stuffed buns and other characteristics of the north pasta. Rough wet rice flour is unique to Shangrao, according to different tastes, adding different seasoning, hot, cook, stir-fried, Shangrao's favorite. Shangrao 12 counties are representative of the typical taste, Xinzhou District, fried powder, hot pink lead Hill, Guangfeng lamb powder, and even some of the characteristics of the industry also formed. Shangrao snacks, as the name suggests, is the staple of the outside of the "snacks", Shangrao specialty snacks are Guifeng deduction of meat, rice, rice bran, Ge source tofu, Qianshan light mountain, Yiyang rice cakes, meat pie , Fried fritters, steamed pork, steamed pork, fried tofu, whole fish feast, Artemisia selengensis, sweet potatoes, rice noodles, rice noodles, Fried bacon, fried white beans, Yiyang Guifeng State Road fish, Hengfeng wire drawing dog, Hong Kong side goose, Gefen steamed meat and so on. Daxing Xing cake, fried dough sticks Ma Cibao, Qingming, glutinous rice cake, meat fried cake, buckwheat clip, croissant, rice bran, rice yiyang, mountain lamp Dengshan, years Gongmi cakes, these snacks Evolution and heritage can almost become a witness to the development of Shangrao diet history.

With the adjustment of agricultural industrial structure and the acceleration of agricultural industrialization process, Shangrao City has emerged a number of green, pollution-free Mingteyouyou new products. If the "Ding Daxing cakes" Shangrao is the representative of the local characteristics of food, "fried fritters folder Ma fried rice cake" is the innovative combination of snacks North and South. Fritters based on the surface, is a common food northerners, Ma Cibo drawn from rice, meaning the southerners tepid, warm as waxy character. Warm glutinous soft fried rice cake with oil crisp fried dough sticks, and then wrapped on the delicate white sugar and sweet sesame powder, many of the Shangrao people on the hometown of the most sweet, the most gentle memories.

People are old folks, month is the hometown of Ming, food is also a good hometown. We believe that in every Shangrao people have a heart on the home Shangrao "tongue on the" memory, we are in the heart of the Shangrao, The memory of condensation is often more of a strong nostalgia, but also a wonderful life aerospace technology!